3 Cold And Flu Remedies that Impact Your Teeth

27 November 2018

When winter arrives, the cold and flu bring several challenges. One has to works all day uncomfortably or spend the sleepless nights bearing up with a cough. To handle these problems, one has to use the various remedies. Undoubtedly, these remedies give you relive from the cold attack. But, some of the solutions are meant to handle this problem can end up by affecting your teeth/tooth. Some of the common things you use in routine are given below as well as you can learn about the solution to get relief from their bad effect.

Cough Drops & Sore Throat Lozenges

The cough drops and sore throat lozenges dissolve slowly. It refers that you have to hold them in your mouth for maximum time as these ingredients will set on your teeth and throat. Sugar in these items can lead to tooth decay. It is suggested to choose only sugar-free cough drop and lozenges. In case you have to use the sugary products make sure to brush your teeth regularly.

Cough Syrup And Liquid Medicines

As discussed above, some of these items contain the sugar which is enemy of your teeth. While some medicines include the medications that contain the alcohol. Remember, alcohol is responsible for reducing the saliva production that makes you difficult to wash the coating away. To sort out this problem, you can either take the pills or gel-caps instead of liquid medication or take medicines before taking your meal.


Decongestants are helpful to drying things out and handle the running nose. The problem is, it can make the things too dry that is the side effect of decongestants. It reduces the saliva flow and grows the bacteria in the mouth. Later, it contributes to the gum diseases or tooth decay. For this, you can use the items that can hydrate your mouth like drink lots of water.

Apart from these, people also use household remedies. If you notice something wrong with your teeth when you are using the cough medications then it is better to get the dental treatment. Visit King Street Dental Centre and get superior dental care services by the experienced dentists in Kitchener & Waterloo.

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