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At King Street Dental Office, you will feel an immediate sense of confidence in the dental care you receive. Our standard of excellence is measured by the satisfaction and comfort of our patients. We provide a trusted and personalized dentistry service, one that specializes in all general dentistry procedures and cosmetic dental techniques.

The goal of King Street Dental Office is to make every appointment as comfortable as possible.

From the genuine, warm welcome that greets you at each visit to the high degree of personal attention offered throughout your experience here, our commitment to providing dental care of exceptional quality is always apparent. Our entire facility is state of the art and we pride ourselves on our relaxed environment designed with our patient’s comfort in mind.

We Strogly believe that in any successful relationship there should always be good communication. We strive for opennes and clarity in all of our communications with you. Therefore, we strive for openness and clarity in all of our communications with you. We also make sure to fully explain each of the treatment options available to you. As a dental family, we take great pride in treating our patients with the very latest in techniques and technology. Your inquiries and comments are welcomed by us and we will do our very best to respond quickly and effectively to any concerns you might have.

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