6 August 2019 Dental

Brushing your teeth with braces is one of challenging tasks as the braces lodge food and harbor dental plaque which can make your teeth prone to tooth decay. Most often the braces teeth are suggested to use the electric toothbrush because it helps to clean your teeth in a better way. Besides this, here are some simple tips to keep your teeth healthier.

Tips To Brush Your Teeth With Braces

  1. Use Small Headed Toothbrush: The small-headed brush is more maneuverable, and that can promptly get between the nooks and crannies created by the braces.
  2. Brush Your Teeth After The Meal: It refers to brush your teeth minimal three times a day after breakfast, lunch and especially after dinner.
  3. Brush Your Teeth For At Least 2 Minutes: This is because, an average person takes 45 seconds to brush their teeth, which is far too short.
  4. Use Of Inter-space Brush: This type of brush is useful for cleaning underneath your orthodontic wire and next to your gum line.
  5. Utilize Fluoride Toothpaste: As the people wearing braces are more likely to tooth decay, the fluoride toothpaste can prevent it by hardening the enamel of the tooth.

Techniques To Brush Teeth With Braces

  • Thoroughly brush to remove the food debris.
  • Floss to clean and remove any dental plaque inter-dentally.
  • Use the brush without toothpaste for a while to clean the bristles.
  • Make sure to move the brush the inner surfaces and onto the chewing surfaces of your teeth.

Finally, your toothbrush should be clean and nice, and make sure to follow all the instructions mentioned above by dentists in Waterloo, Ontario. If you want to know more, feel free to call us at King Street Dental Centre and discuss your dental needs with professionals.


19 July 2019 Dental

In case the inner layer gets damaged via an injury or decay, it will stop the blood supply to the tooth. This can lead to an infection and nerve to die. Your teeth are made up of a combination of soft and hard tissue. The dead tooth is also known as the non-vital tooth. Learn here about the signs of a dead tooth and how to treat it.


28 June 2019 Dental

There are so many reasons to keep your teeth healthy. Unhealthy teeth can result in many other health issues like gum disease, heart problems, rheumatoid arthritis and more. Healthy teeth mean no diseases but sparkling smile all the time.

So, if you want to keep your teeth strong and prevent gum diseases, then get ready to follow the below tips. These smart tips can even help you avoid your frequent visit to the dentist.

Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice in a day. Use the toothbrush with a small head to get better access to back teeth.
  2. Utilize the fluoridated toothpaste as this helps to harden the tooth enamel and reduces the risk of decay. Make sure when brushing your teeth, take two to three minutes using a slow and gentle sawing motion.
  3. Limit the acid drinks, including cordials and soft drinks as these can soften tooth material and dissolve the minerals in tooth enamels which lead to holes.
  4. Reduces the use of sugary foods because the bacteria in the dental plaque can convert sugar into acids.
  5. Don’t use your teeth to crack the nuts, remove bottle tops and rip open packaging that can result in breaking your teeth.
  6. Once in six months, arrange your visit to the dentist for the thorough checkup of your mouth.

At King Street Dental Centre, we provide dental care services in Waterloo & Kitchener. It is advisable to follow all tips mentioned above to keep your teeth healthy. If you need professionals’ help, call our dentists to request an appointment.


28 May 2019 Dental

When it comes to choosing the best dentist, it includes everything from checking reputation, reliability, reviews, rating, cost and satisfaction of the services. The fact is you must select someone who is with expertise in this field rather than fall for cheap dental treatment scams. So, here are simple tips for finding an experienced and reputable dentist near you.

Tips To Choose Best Dentist


  1. Know Your Dental Health Benefits
    Your dental health plan also determines your choice of dentist. It could limit your choice of dentists to a member of the specific programs. Another thing it is necessary to know the particular problems that you are facing. If it is a severe issue and require emergency dental care, start to look for the local dentist.

  3. Follow The Recommendations
    Although Google is a preferable option for searching, you can also ask your family, friends and colleagues if they know a reputable dentist. Moreover, you can get referrals from your family doctors who always stay in touch with health care professionals.

  5. Look For The Accessibility
    How flexible it should be when you want to schedule appointments is another factor to keep in mind. It includes the following things:

    • Dentist location near your workplace or resident.
    • Working hours or having office timing on Saturday.
  6. Schedule Consultation
    When you have got the list of dentists, call or visit many times before scheduling an appointment to know which dental procedure they specialize in. Additionally, ask them how far in advance, you have to plan your dental checkups.

  8. Evaluation After Appointment
    During your first visit, check the office to ensure it is clean, neat and orderly. Find out how courteous the staff members are or whether they check your dental history. After you leave, consider all these things.

Think twice and always consider these essential tips before selecting a professional dentist in Waterloo. To lower your search, visit us at King Street Dental Centre. With our expertise, we are committed to providing you with a pleasant dental care experience. Call us to request an appointment.


16 May 2019 Dental

Dental problems are never a pleasing experience for anyone and prevention is the only remedy to keep your teeth healthy. There are many dental issues caused by accidental damage, growing age or your carelessness.

You know well what can keep your teeth free from common teeth issues still, you ignore it which ends up with medication or treatment. These common dental problems are:

  1. Bad Breath
    Bad breath is also known as halitosis, and it is one of the most embarrassing situations you ever face in your life. The reason behind the bad breath could be cavities, oral cancer, gum disease, bacteria on the tongue, dry mouth and some other dental issues.
  2. Tooth Decay Or Cavities
    It happens when a sticky substance which develops on teeth, combines with starches of food you eat. This results in producing acids that affect tooth enamel. Cavities can occur at any age.
  3. Sensitivity
    Sensitivity is a situation in which hot and cold food items make you wince. It can happen due to fractured teeth, worn fillings, tooth decay, worn tooth enamel, exposed tooth root and more.
  4. Gum Disease
    Usually, the gum disease occurs after the age of 30. Smoking is the main reason behind the gum disease while diabetes and dry mouth can increase the risk of gum disease.
  5. Mouth Sores
    Canker sores are the common mouth sores that appear inside the mouth. Many reasons can cause them, but if they last for a maximum of two weeks, they become a significant concern.
  6. Tooth Erosion
    It is a loss of tooth structure and it happens when acid attacks the enamel. Sensitivity and cracking are signs of tooth erosion.
  7. Toothaches & Dental Emergencies
    Pain in your tooth or other dental emergencies like a cracked or broken tooth, bleeding, inflammation and more need dentists instantly.

To treat the common dental problems as mentioned above, visit us at King Street Dental Centre. Our experienced dentists in Waterloo provide dental treatment using the latest tools and techniques.

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